Anno 1800: Citrus in the New World – Optimal Production and Supply

Mass produce citrus in the New World – here’s how.

Whether in the New World or the Old World or even Cape Trelawney – sooner or later the demand for citrus fruits will increase, because they are (have to be) used for certain end products in every world. Therefore, we would like to show you how to produce as many citrus fruits as possible with limited space. In fact, both in the New World and in the Old World, there are some items that will help you boost production and also generate one or two extra goods.

Chamber of Commerce and Citrus Production

First of all, you should make sure that you place as many as 4 „Citrus“ nurseries around a Chamber of Commerce. This way, the Chamber of Commerce will reach the largest possible amount of nurseries. Placing more nurseries in this radius will affect the productivity and tree density of each nursery.

Mezcal, ice cream and cookies

Whether you want to produce mezcal and ice cream in the New World or cookies in the Old World: Citrus is always needed. So make sure that you maintain a high stock level, because the fruits are consumed quite quickly and the demand increases with increasing population in all worlds.

Items for the Chamber of Commerce

In order to increase the production of citrus fruits, which is only possible in the New World, you should look around for suitable items at the computer opponents‘ counters. For nurseries with the end product of citrus fruits, there are one or two items that can almost double your production. In addition, you will receive nice additional items. Unfortunately, the universal item „Feras Alsarami, Master of Hypnosis“ does not work at this point.

Optimized pruning for all nurseries

The item „Optimized Pruning“ provides a production boost of 15%, but also requires 20% more labor and increases maintenance costs by 30%. At the same time, it also increases the forest density by 15%. So it reduces the number of trees needed to reach optimal productivity. The item is from the „rare“ category and can be used in chambers of commerce

Get Rich Faster, Volume III: Practical Polyculture

The item with the long title „Get Richer Faster, Volume III: Practical Polyculture“ is an epic item that can be purchased at the respective AI opponents‘ accounts. It affects all New World nurseries as well as the industrial oil press. Productivity increases by a whopping 25% and only 23% more labor is needed. However, the cost of maintenance increases by 30%. The special feature: Additional goods are produced here: 1/5 coffee beans, ¼ tobacco and 1/3 cocoa. This allows you to significantly support the initial resources of other production chains.

Cross-species transplantation

This epic item increases production by only 5% and affects all nurseries, however it has the positive effect of creating another unit of citrus „out of thin air“ for every 4th unit produced. Basically, it indirectly increases productivity by 25%. The fact that 17% more labor is needed and maintenance costs increase by 10% can be neglected due to the high benefit of this item.

Adjusting the workload for citrus fruits

Finally, if the satisfaction of your citizens allows it, you should adjust the workload to +50%. This way your Journaleros will work even faster and pick the delicious citrus fruits from the tree even more efficiently – and this in turn will have an influence on the positive effects of your Items: a cycle that is worthwhile in any case.


Citrus fruits, being nurseries, naturally require quite a bit of space. Space that you don’t necessarily have in the New World. On the large island of Manola, you can of course reserve an area solely for citrus fruits – but keep in mind that other production chains will be added as the game progresses.

Above all, it is important that you use the available items to limit the production in the space and increase it in quantity.

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