Anno 1800: Post system simply explained – procedure, tips and explanations

Anno 1800: Post system simply explained – procedure, tips and explanations.

The post system is a completely new level of the Anno 1800 world, which was introduced in the course of the second DLC. So if you consider yourself a proud owner of this DLC, you can now use a Post System across all worlds and make citizens happier as a result – so happy that they cede more money and your balance sheet increases. The post system is relatively powerful in Anno 1800 and offers many (basic) advantages for you. So it is recommended in any case to set an air port first and equip it with the appropriate modules. A post office and mailboxes should also be placed. Only when all the appropriate modules and buildings have been placed and activated will the postal system function smoothly and be able to exchange mail (local, regional and national) between the individual worlds.

In this article, we will clarify what types of mail there are, how mail is exchanged, why a post office and mailboxes should be set, and what research reports on different worlds are all about and what advantages they bring.

Local mail in Anno 1800

Local mail is the simplest of all mail types in the Anno world: It works relatively simply: Mail that is posted and delivered on your own island is called local mail. For this purpose you set a post office and mailboxes – and off you go. Local mail is continuously „produced“ and distributed accordingly. It is important that there are residential houses near the post offices and mailboxes. Mail that does not reach anyone cannot be of any use. You will see that local mail accumulates quite automatically.

Anno 1800 Post-System – lokal, regional, überregionale und Forschungsberichte

Regional mail in Anno 1800

While local mail is only created and sent out on one and the same island, regional mail is brought to another island (by airship route) but only within one island world. If you are in the New World and send local mail to another island in the New World, it will be delivered there and will automatically change to „regional mail“.

Supraregional mail in Anno 1800

When it comes to supra-regional mail, the scenario in Anno 1800 is exactly the same: Local mail (or regional mail) that you send from one world to another, for example from the New World to the Arctic, will automatically become supra-regional mail there. This means that the value of the cargo „changes“ during transport, or the mail, which was first local, now gets a new status in the other world. Simple and logical at the same time.

Anno 1800 Post-System – lokal, regional, überregionale und Forschungsberichte

Post office and mailboxes set

Post offices function like production buildings and continuously produce the good „mail“. The quantity increases, of course, with the number of inhabitants located within the radius. Post does not function like many other goods, because: Mail has its own warehouses and cannot be loaded and unloaded manually. Post offices can be placed anywhere at certain intervals to keep the density in your city as high as possible. Mailboxes are extremely practical, as they do not take up much space on your island world. However, they also contribute less to the postal capacity than a post office. In short, a mailbox does a similar job as the post office, but not with the same intensity. So if you can, cover your island (where people live) with appropriate post offices.

Postal service must be activated first

The postal service cannot be used directly by your inhabitants. You must first make sure that the postal service has been activated. This is done in the building overview. However, there are differences from Anno version to version: In some cases, the postal service is already activated automatically, so that „local mail“ is immediately produced on an island.

Research reports about worlds

Research reports about the New World are produced by a new specialist you can recruit in the Research Institute: this is the Scientific Reporter. She must be „researched“ before she can be used. The scientific reporter must be placed in a town hall whose radius is near a post office. This is the only way she can create reports to be sent to the scholars of your island world and speed up the scientific work. In short: more points in less time, faster research of breakthrough discoveries, items and artifacts, etc.

Anno 1800 Post-System – lokal, regional, überregionale und Forschungsberichte

Advantages of the postal service

Basically, the more mail you distribute among your residents (through postal systems or mailboxes), the higher the taxes your citizens pay. The more inhabitants are in the catchment area of your mail distribution systems, the more you can profit from the distributed mail. In the statistics menu or in the balance sheet of Anno 1800 you can read in detail how much you profit from the dispatched and distributed mail. It is simply a matter of money: If you are already „safe“ in terms of money at this time of the game, you can of course concentrate more on building airships or air warships. However, depending on the difficulty level etc., money still plays a big role now, so the advantages from the postal system will certainly be gratefully accepted.


As you can see, using the postal system is not all that difficult once you get the hang of it. Of course, Anno 1800 is very complex and the implementation of such a system takes time – and of course there are always „burns“ in many other parts of the game. But that’s what makes it so appealing, isn’t it? Here you have a new system that should definitely be considered when money problems prevail. But also when research should progress a bit faster. Therefore, make sure to research the said item as quickly as possible so that you can tackle future research faster and more efficiently. Otherwise, make sure you have good coverage and plan the placement of post offices or mailboxes (for lower-income houses) perhaps right from the start when you settle a new island or expand your existing settlement.

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