How to properly land, collect weapons and shoot to boost rank in Apex Legends

Apex is considered one of the most dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which uses the concept of faster battles and enemy skirmishes to reduce the number of players on the map and faster playback of all matches, which determines your apex boost.

You need to be able to select a landing point, choose the right agent that is convenient for you, master the technique of shooting with different types of weapons and be able to find high-quality weapons.

Next, you will gradually move through the map’s narrowing circles and attack, or ignore opponents, trying to survive as long as possible and fight with the last players for top 1 status in this match.

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Drop zone

Each player chooses his own landing location.

You will fly in a plane over the game map in a random direction and choose the moment at which you will begin to land on the point.

You need to wait until the bulk of the players land, because if you try to compete with them, then you can get into the chaos of the battle and be faced with everyone shooting against everyone, where there is little chance of surviving and surviving, and if you often die in at the very beginning of the game, then you will greatly risk your boosting in Apex Legends, because you will not really have either survival time or kills in this match.

While the plane is flying, you can open the map and analyze it. You need a point where you can quickly occupy a safe building and collect the first types of weapons and armor for yourself, and at the same time have a choice in case there is a useless drop in the first container.

To do this, you need to find points on the map with two or three buildings and attach yourself to them, but first make sure that there is not much competition on them.

Try not to land in large locations, because there is a lot of competition and a high chance of simply dying.

An exception may be that you want to practice your shooting skills and quickly collect equipment and weapons and bet on a gamble – quickly clear all enemies and continue the match, or die and go look for a new match.

Single points and distant places on the game map are a bad choice because they always have few containers and if you are unlucky enough to find a good weapon and the map’s narrowing circle will force you to move towards it, risking engaging in a fight for which you will have nothing to respond to.

If you die at the beginning of the map, then the chance to lower your rank in Apex Legends will be greater.

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You need to be able to quickly find weapons and know where and how to look for better weapon options.

You need to look for assault and sniper weapons that will allow you to fire at any distance and alternate them when necessary to conduct reconnaissance, or eliminate enemies from a safe distance.

You will also need accessories to improve your capabilities – a sight, a silencer and a fire stabilizer.

All this will help you comfortably attack the enemy at any distance.

Pistols, shotguns and machine guns can help you at the first stage, but whenever possible, change them to assault weapons.

Weapons can be of different quality, ranging from ordinary to legendary – circled in orange, which have a higher rate of fire and damage.

First stage

When you land on any game point and begin your journey by collecting weapons and destroying competitors who come across you at the beginning of the match.

You need to wait until the game map shrinks for the first time, and then you will understand in which direction it will move further and understand where you need to move in the future.

This is a fairly large zone, and it will not be difficult for you to stay within its radius and just wait until the second phase comes, but it is advisable if you move towards the center of the circle, and then you will have a good position at the beginning of the second and even third phase.

The only thing that is important to know is that too many opponents will enter the first phase, so battles will take place everywhere, but gradually the intensity will decrease.

Last phase

Gradually, the game map will narrow down to the game arena, where the outcome of the match will be decided and who will receive the greatest boost in Apex Legends.


Choose agents in Apex Legends based on your readiness to play and level of play.

Choose from support, defense, reconnaissance, stealth, or attack classes.

Your ease of play depends on the hero, and for beginners it is better to take one who can generate resources and ammo for himself.

For example, Lifeline, or Octane, which can generate first aid kits, or health itself at times when they are not taking damage.


At each stage, there is a chance that a container with random legendary level weapons will be dropped on the ground in a random place.

There will be only one container, so players will have to compete with each other.

You can quickly run, take a weapon and retreat, or take an ambush and attack all players who approach him.

Grenades and other useful equipment

You need to select all types of grenades that you will come across while inspecting sets of weapons.

These can be attacking or gravity types of grenades, which can help you in any type of battle.

You can throw a grenade into cover and force them to come out and run into your bullets.

The second option is if you throw a grenade at the enemy’s turn, then you can quite safely retreat to a safe place, because the enemy will not attack you, risking losing his life.

In Apex Legends, you will always have battles on the verge of failure, so you need to always have a first aid kit and armor modules with you to fully restore your full combat potential before the next battles.

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