Fifa Scouting: Länder wichtig?

Career mode: scouting in different countries?

Youth scouting is the key to a successful team that should reach Europe’s top or even the world’s in a few years. However, there are a few basic things you should keep in mind when scouting: If you start into the career mode carefree and don’t waste any thought on how powerful the scouting function is in Fifa, please read on now.

We agree: Without youth players, it won’t work. Because after 15 years of a manager’s career, even the youngest stock player is in his mid-30s. So you have to take care of young players – sooner or later. And here we clearly recommend: Start very early with youth scouting and make sure that you already send scouts in your first season in the Fifa career mode to find potentials for your team. This sometimes works very well – but don’t count on short-term success. Sometimes scouts have to „search a bit“ to find a suitable player.

The selection of scouts

We have already discussed the scout selection very often. Therefore in a nutshell: Five experience stars and five evaluation stars, maximum cost. Your requirement should not be lower than that at all. Because only if you send top scouts do you have the maximum chance of finding potential talent. And that’s exactly what you’re after, after all, if you’ve found your way to our article. You want to scout a second Cristiano Ronaldo. Observing the youth academy plays a very important role in this, of course. However, for scouting itself, there are also rules and routines that should be followed in order to scout the most perfect players possible.

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Which countries should a scout be sent to?

Basically, of course, it depends on what kind of players you need. Fifa itself seems to have stored probabilities where the chance is a bit higher to find perfect players for certain positions:

  • Goalkeeper: Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Germany
  • Defenders: Brazil, Germany, Russia, Scandinavian countries
  • Midfielders: Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Argentina.
  • Strikers: Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil.
  • Prodigies: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast
  • Exceptional talents (very rare): Korea, China, Japan

Nationality of the scout

It is very often said that scouts who belong to a certain nationality deliver better scouting results in their own country. Of course, we can’t check this comprehensively or we have tried – but the differences are not perceptible. Basically, of course, it does not fail if you have a Dutch scout scouting in the local area as well. It will possibly, if you repeat this process several times, lead to slightly better results than if you send him to Slovakia.

Accordingly, we advise: Since the differences in results are marginal, you should not waste too much time to actually send a US scout to the USA. Here it can sometimes take several years before such a scout is offered to you for hire. Instead, focus on the scout country you are scouting in and the position.

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Position and scout country more important than scout origin

Surely, all ambiguities could be removed by looking into the Fifa code – but where would the excitement be? We therefore have to rely on our experience. And these are unambiguous: the euro amount that has to be spent on the scout, the star rating and the country costs for scouting alone are already an indication of whether there is potential success.

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Try less to send a German scout to Germany as well. He can just as well go in search of talent in South Africa. In our opinion, the positions are more important. You can, of course, search for „all players“ in a completely detached and free way, so that any position will be shown to you as a result. But you can also narrow down your scouting by following the aforementioned list and looking for specific types of players in specific countries.

The season is long, but…

…but still you should start scouting early! You can of course experiment and send scouts from A to B. But keep in mind that the scouting results are not decisive immediately after one month. You should „allow“ your scout a few months to assess whether the trip was successful or not.

At the end a few estimations

  • England, Ireland, Scotland: often do not deliver good results
  • Scouting results improve proportionally to your league affiliation
  • Ghana and Ivory Coast deliver absolute top talents (but very rarely
  • A second Ronaldo is rarely scouted in Portugal
  • Hardly any notable results from the USA or Australia
  • Poland provides a good scouting base for midfielders
  • Scouting for „physically strong“ players usually leads to IV/RV/LV results
  • Good MS/S players are hard to find
  • France offers good striker potential

And now we wish you good luck trying out our (best) tips. But please remember: give your scouts a few months. Often, after the first month or two, the desired results do not come.

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