Salvage ship: Equip and use it optimally in Anno 1800 – here’s how!

Salvage ship: Equip and use it optimally in Anno 1800 – here’s how!

Anno 1800 is undoubtedly one of the best games in the entire Anno series (if not the best). In addition to the old world, the new world, the Arctic and Enbesa (Land of Lions), there is Cape Trelawney: for all frequent, fast and large-scale builders certainly just the right platform to let off steam. A large island in the north, perfectly equipped with countless resources and plenty of space for residential buildings. Thus, your city will become gigantic in a short time. The special feature of Cape Trelawney: You have a salvage ship at your disposal, which you can equip in the workshop of „Old Nate“. But what exactly is the best way to proceed here?

Equipping the salvage ship

At the beginning of your first step at Cape Trelawney, your salvage ship is not yet equipped. However, in order to get the best results possible, you will need the following three items, socketed in your ship:

  • Echo sounder (be sure to activate it)
  • Diving bell for rarities
  • Scrap salvage amount +30

Anno1800 Bergungsschiff optimal ausrüsten und nutzen1

The picture shows our salvage ship „Dulcinea“, which is optimally equipped. All three legendary items are socketed and the echosounder has been activated. This way you have the highest chance of finding very rare items in the depths of the seas, have a very high range and can find the diving spots with the help of the echo sounder. And if you only fish for scrap while diving, you’ll still get 30% more. After all, there is normal scrap, rare scrap and even special scrap, which in turn can be used to transform into very good items. And this is exactly where the dilemma begins: In order to optimally equip the salvage ship, special scrap is already needed for the three important items. Therefore, you have to find it „manually“ at the beginning.

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Anno1800 Bergungsschiff optimal ausrüsten und nutzen2

Find diving spots, execute missions, buy treasure maps

You will find diving spots on all maps. These can be seen on the map with a white arrow or with a thin circle in white color on the sea. You will only find the diving spots if you are in the immediate vicinity – after all, there is no echo sounder on board yet. The goal now is for you to acquire „special scrap“. Accept every task that Old Nate offers you. As a reward you will often receive valuable items or already the special scrap. In addition, you can recover special scrap as a „by-product“ of completing the diving tasks.

Alternatively, you can buy treasure maps for the individual regions of the Anno 1800 world from Old Nate and search for the diving spots marked there on the map. If you dive at the spot, even without an equipped salvage ship, you’ll fish a ton or two of special scrap out of the sea over time. You will need to salvage 25 tons of special scrap and 20 tons of nice scrap from the sea to buy your items from Old Nate (click on the blimp). All other resources you can either make yourself, mine, or import from the New World.

Item 1: N.A.T.E.D.A.R – the Echo Sounder

This is a long-range echosounder that reveals nearby task targets, treasures and mines. The item has an expedition bonus of „30“ in navigation. For the conversion, you’ll need to carry 10 tons of steel, 20 tons of beautiful scrap, and 15 tons of silica sand in your salvage ship. These resources will eventually be exchanged with Old Nate for the corresponding item. After the conversion you can immediately socket the item in your salvage ship and click once to activate it. You will now see directly that your ship is searching for diving spots in a certain radius and even shows you the direction in which you have to move your ship to find the diving spots.

Anno1800 Bergungsschiff optimal ausrüsten und nutzen3

Item 2: Spoondrift: Nathaniel’s Compressed Air Diving Bell.

Be sure to convert! Equipping your salvage ship with this item increases the chance of finding Epic and Legendary rarity items while diving. Legendary items are the best items currently available in Anno 1800. As a rule, they have to be bought for almost $1,000,000, while you can still sell them for around $250,000. This item also has a value of „30“ as a navigation bonus. You will need 15 tons of special scrap, 15 tons of steel and 10 tons of gold for the transformation. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and have already „dived“ corresponding gold bars in advance during normal diving tasks. Alternatively, you can buy gold ore and convert it to gold via Goldsmith.

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Anno1800 Bergungsschiff optimal ausrüsten und nutzen4

Item 3: Advanced supply hose

The advanced supply hose is also indispensable. It ensures that the amount of scrap you find increases by 30%. Especially when you find special scrap, it is even more important to get larger amounts. We also find the value „30“ in the „Navigation“ section as an expedition bonus. The transformation requires 10 tons of special scrap, 20 tons of iron ore, 25 wooden planks and 15 tons of rubber. Fortunately, you can buy the rubber directly from Old Nate, so you don’t have to settle an island in the new world and start a corresponding production chain first. Sooner or later, however, you will have to…

Anno1800 Bergungsschiff optimal ausrüsten und nutzen5

Conclusion: Salvage ship optimally equipped

If you now buy golden treasure maps from Old Nate and start diving, you will usually find relatively good items, animals for the zoo or exhibits for the museum. At the same time, you will salvage relatively high amounts of scrap metal, which in turn will be needed for the conversion of other items. Important: Don’t throw anything overboard – take everything with you and store it on your main island at Cape Trelawney first. „Better to have than to need“ is the motto. Sooner or later you will be glad to find various products in your warehouse. Your salvage ship has now received the optimal equipment in any case – it doesn’t get any better than that – and that should also be the claim.

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